Productive Meetings

We work with businesses of all sorts of sizes, from small teams to larger organisations, and we find that a lot of them purchase our meeting room in progress signs to help improve the productivity of meetings. More productive meetings make a more productive workforce, therefore we have put together some tips to help make your meetings more productive. Start on time It’s vital that for a meeting to end well, it must start .

No smoking signs – the new law for drivers!

From the first of October it will be illegal in the UK to smoke in your car with any u18 passengers on board! This means that it has never been more clear that smoking in cars is not good for you or your passengers health! The GOV.UK website states that: ‘The new rules will come into force on 1 October 2015 and people failing to comply could face a £50 fixed penalty notice.’ But .

Fire Door Keep Shut – what makes a fire door?

The fire door, a fairly new addition to fire safety but one which is vital now in any workplace or even at home. As providers of quality fire door keep shut signs we know the importance of quality fire doors but do you know makes a fire door? Why they are so important? And why you need one?   The Fire Door The ASDMA (Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association) explains that a fire door .

Top 5 health and safety myths

There is a lot of talk about health and safety and how it is going too far, and potentially stopping a lot of fun, but are people just making up these health and safety rules? We take a look at our top 5 health and safety myths, thanks to 5. No Flip Flops in the workplace Although slips, trips and falls can cause a lot of accidents at work, flip flops aren’t officially .

Free standing floor signs

Free standing floor signs
The free standing floor sign or ‘a-board’ sign is a great addition to your safety procedure. They offer a quick a obivous solution for a number of different situations, from a customer dropping a drink to a cleaner working in a public area. Here’s a selection of free standing floor signs that we offer and what they can be used for: Caution Cleaning in Progress Sign Want to let your customers know that a .

Chopping board codes – explained!

The importance of chopping board codes, from yellow to red.     Feeling queasy? You’re not alone.   Food borne illnesses are a very real threat to public safety, and cost millions of pounds per year in lost revenue and NHS treatment. The Food Standards Agency estimates that 500,000 cases of food poisoning from kitchen pathogens occur in the UK annually, leading to thousands of hospitalisations and dozens of preventable deaths.   Campylobacter is .

What is a COSHH store sign?

If you have substances that hazardous to health, COSHH law requires you, the employer to control these. COSHH store signs are just part of the important legislation. The law is focused around preventing and reducing workers to exposure of hazardous substances. Most businesses use substances or even a mixture of substances that could cause harm to its employees, contractors and other people. You can find out how to prevent or reduce workers exposure to .

Safety Training

It is vital that any business takes on proper safety training. Having the correct signage is just one of the steps to completely complying with safety legislation. Think about getting training in food safety or fire ssafety. If you’re considering this here is a list of people we can recommend: ASTS Advanced Safety & Training Services Training courses & Equipment including defibrillators for health, security, first aid, accident prevention, risk assessment and fire .

Great Directories

Great Directories
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