Fire Door Keep Shut – what makes a fire door?

The fire door, a fairly new addition to fire safety but one which is vital now in any workplace or even at home. As providers of quality fire door keep shut signs we know the importance of quality fire doors but do you know makes a fire door? Why they are so important? And why you need one?


The Fire Door

The ASDMA (Architectural and Specialist Door Manufacturers Association) explains that a fire door is:

‘A complete installed door assembly comprising doorframe, door leaves, other panels, hardware, seals and any glazing that when closed is intended to resist the passage of fire and smoke in accordance with specified performance criteria. A fire door = a complete installed assembly.’ Via SafeLincs.

Meaning that a fire door is more than a door, and is there to resist fire and smoke coming through it. A fire door is not the same as a fire escape door.


What are Fire Doors made of?

A fire door is generally made of solid Timber, however they can be made up a number of offer things too, including for example the edition of glass.


How does a Fire Door work?

Fire doors are used to stop or slow down the spread of smoke and fire in a building, office or home. The solid timber make up of the fire door will help to do this. The point of the prevention of spreading is to allow people to escape the building in enough time and at a safe pace where they do not bring upon harm to themselves. It’s important that fire doors are kept shut and hence it is important that each door is clearly marked with a fire door keep shut sign.



Fire doors are not the same as fire escape doors, fire doors are there to prevent and help stop the spread of fire and smoke so the the occupants can leave the building and the fire serviced and other relevant emergency services can arrive in enough time to ensure the safety of the occupants and/or the public in and around the building.

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