Free standing floor signs

The free standing floor sign or ‘a-board’ sign is a great addition to your safety procedure. They offer a quick a obivous solution for a number of different situations, from a customer dropping a drink to a cleaner working in a public area.

Here’s a selection of free standing floor signs that we offer and what they can be used for:

Caution Cleaning in Progress Sign

Want to let your customers know that a cleaner is working and they should approach with caution? This signs is perfect for you. It’s important that customers know that an area may become hazardous due a cleaner working. Perhaps they are mopping the floor, wiping surfaces or brushing up, the number hazards could be endless. So putting a caution cleaning in progress sign would be a great option! Caution cleaning in progress A board

Caution Men at Work Sign

Arguably one of the most common safety sign, the caution men at work free standing floor sign offers safety to the public in and around an area where you have people working, perhaps with scaffolding, painting or building, this sign can cover a range. The last thing you want it for someone to have an accident and not to have been warned of the potential hazards that men at work could cause.

Caution Slippery Surface Sign

This caution slippery surface sign warns persons that the surface could be temporarily slippy and therefore caution must be taken. This may be from a spillage or from cleaning. The caution slippery surface free standing floor sign is an economical choice when considering the implications of a member of public or in fact your work force slipping on the wet surface.


That’s just a few of the signs we offer but what are the benefits?

The benefits of free standing floor signs

  • Convenience, the signs can easily be set up near any area, inside or out.
  • Safety, the free standing floor signs offer an extra element of safety for your guests, public or workforce from potential hazards.
  • Obvious, all our free standing floor signs are bright and obvious to help people notice the potential hazard.
  • Lightweight, each and every one of our a-board signs are lightweight and easy to pick up, carry and move.

Check out our full selection of free standing floor signs here. 

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