Productive Meetings

We work with businesses of all sorts of sizes, from small teams to larger organisations, and we find that a lot of them purchase our meeting room in progress signs to help improve the productivity of meetings. More productive meetings make a more productive workforce, therefore we have put together some tips to help make your meetings more productive.

Start on time It’s vital that for a meeting to end well, it must start well including starting on time. Making this a must to all your employees shows how important meetings are and they will already be in the mind-set to concentrate and make the meeting more productive.

Plan A meeting without a plan is just a group of people talking, not really a meeting at all. Make a plan wich should include the goals of the meeting, do you know what you want out of it? Do you know how long it should be? Who should be talking about what? Etc. It may also be an idea to share a brief agenda or plan with your colleagues so that they can come prepared with some things already on their mind.

Ban PowerPoint Slideshows can be great, however having them in every meeting can become mundane, so why not ban it every now and again and make employees come up with some a more interesting way of presenting their ideas or results. They could make a video, Prezi or just talk! This will not only make it more interesting for the group but also the person presenting.

Close the door Having your meeting interupted can cause real problems, time-scales can be thrown out and concentration lost. Why not close the door and indicate it with a meeting in progress sign. You can also try going somewhere else for your meeting, outside or to a different building.

Hopefully putting some if not all of these tips into action will help to make more productive meetings for you!

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