Top 5 health and safety myths

There is a lot of talk about health and safety and how it is going too far, and potentially stopping a lot of fun, but are people just making up these health and safety rules? We take a look at our top 5 health and safety myths, thanks to

5. No Flip Flops in the workplace

Although slips, trips and falls can cause a lot of accidents at work, flip flops aren’t officially banned from the workplace. However certain jobs may require protective footwear! Maybe try one of our free standing floor signs to help prevent slips and wet surfaces!

4. No pinning the tail on the donkey at your kids birthday party!

According to HSE not trusting Children with a drawing pin is too overprotective.

3. Graduates are not allowed to throw their mortar boards

A great tradition which was rumoured to have stopped due to a mortar board sticking into somebodies head, this health and safety rule is definitely a myth. HSE say that ‘Health and safety law doesn’t stop graduates having fun and celebrating their success in the time-honoured fashion!’ – so get throwing graduates!

2. No hanging baskets in case somebody bumps their head

The story goes that one town did take down hanging baskets because of the age of the lamp posts, however they quickly returned them once it was assessed as a low risk. Health and safety isn’t stopping this tradition from flourishing!

1. You must wear goggles whilst playing conkers!

Arguably the best health and safety myth of all time, however, it is just not true! HSE say it is a ‘truly classic myth’, but why was it started? All because of one headteacher deeming it necessary to wear safety goggles whilst playing this age old game in the playground. Hence other schools heard this in the news and started to ban the game altogether, some however, have kept the game as long as you wear safety goggles and padded gloves! According to HSE, playing conkers is low risk, and if kids start bashing each other with them then that’s a discipline issue!


There you have it, our top 5, perhaps most outrages health and safety myths of all time. If you’d like to know more, please visit the HSE site here.


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