What is a COSHH store sign?

If you have substances that hazardous to health, COSHH law requires you, the employer to control these. COSHH store signs are just part of the important legislation.

The law is focused around preventing and reducing workers to exposure of hazardous substances. Most businesses use substances or even a mixture of substances that could cause harm to its employees, contractors and other people.

You can find out how to prevent or reduce workers exposure to hazardous substances by checking out the HSE website.

How do COSHH store signs help?

Prevention goes a long way to reducing the level of exposure your employees get from hazardous substances. The COSHH store signs help to clearly label where these hazardous substances are found. Employees can then easily stay clear of anything they do not need to come into contact with.

What is a hazardous substance?

According to the HSE (Health and Safety Executive), ‘COSHH covers substances that are hazardous to health.’. These include a range of things, from chemicals to fumes, gases to vapours. You can find the full list are their website here.

Do you need a COSHH store sign?

To answer this question, you need to carry out a COSHH risk assessment. This is the process of gathering information about the hazardous properties of any substances you use in your workplace. To find out what the problems of these substances may be you need to ‘evaluate the risks to health’ (Via HSE), and then decide on the action you need to take to comply with COSHH law.

It is also important to record the assessment and decide when to review it.

HSE have a full step by step guide to COSHH assessment here.


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We recommend that you check out the HSE’s website for full and proper guidelines, this is by no means legal advice, please sort advice from the government organisation.

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