Social Distancing Queueing Floor Graphic


Sign Text: Choice of STAY SAFE STAY 2m (6') APART or STAND HERE

Purpose: Our social distancing queueing floor stickers are ideal for indicating to customers where to stand when they are queueing inside your premises. They can also help to keep customers using a one way system that you may have in place. Stick them on the floor


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About This Sign

Additional information

Sign Size

300mm diameter

Pack Size

Single, Pack of 5, Pack of 10 Mixed

Sign Material

Eco Vinyl Floor Sticker

Text Choice

Stand 2m Apart, Stand Here, Mixed

  • 1x 300mm
  • 5x 300mm
  • 10x 300mm
  • 1x 300mm
  • 5x 300mm
  • 10x 300mm
  • Self Adhesive Eco Vinyl (Polypropylene) in anti slip material for indoor or outdoor use.
  • Self Adhesive Vinyl no additional glue/adhesive required

Graphic displayed with a standard text box. The text box on this sign can be customised with your own text. Please visit our custom signs section.

Orientation: Circular

We are doing our bit for the environment and are changing our product range to greener alternatives.

  • We have replaced the vinyl on our our self adhesive floor stickeres with the more environmentally friendly option of polypropylene. Polypropylene is PVC free and also free of halogens and at end of life can be safely disposed of harming the surrounding environment.

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